Neo Paleolithic Pushups

I used to pay $50 per month to go a simple gym and do weight training.  As my nutrition and fitness passion has evolved, so to speak, I’ve begun trying to get great workouts without going to they gym.

One of the easiest places to get creative with resistance training is the playground that I go to with my kids!  I get to spend time with the kids and simultaneously get a great workout.  I don’t have to feel guilty about leaving them for an hour to go to the gym and I don’t have to pay $600 per year to be a member at the local fitness club.

It’s just a matter of being DECIDING to get a workout at the playground…and doing it.

I saw this video and just had to share.  I’ve been wanting to get a video camera on myself to show how easily you can do resistance workouts wherever you go without using weights.  Until I get the videos published, get some ideas from this!

One thought on “Neo Paleolithic Pushups

  • March 3, 2011 at 8:52 pm

    I just watched your video for Paleo push ups, Kudos to you! I have seen some of those push ups, but can’t wait to try the rest! I am doing some research on the Paleo lifestyle, if there are any sources you recommend, and it is no inconvenience, please send the info my way. I look forward to more exercise videos from you.

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