Here we have given the name, “Neo Paleolithic Diet”, to a current day lifestyle based on dietary and exercise lessons from our Paleolithic ancestors, but using successful research to prove out theories.  It makes perfect sense to eat and exercise similar to our Paleolithic Diet ancestors.

But, just because our genes haven’t changed much in the last 50,000 years doesn’t mean that diet and exercise was perfect 50,000 years ago.  We hope we can use our brains more than our caveman ancestors, so we find it useful to study Paleolithic diet & exercise as a default and to build on it with scientific research.  Studies are helping us prove out and fine tune the Paleolithic Diet to reduce diseases and improve health.

Technically, “Neo Paleolithic” refers to the Neolithic Age of man’s supposed history.  “Neo”, meaning “new” and “lith”, meaning “stone”, brings us to the “New Stone Age”.  The Neolithic Age is thought to have been from 8300 BC to 4500 BC.  The Neolithic Age is when Stone Age Man finally began gathering in groups large enough to be considered cities.  The Neolithic Age was after a long Paleolithic Age which was from 150,000 BC to 10,000 BC.  “Paleo”, meaning “old”, conveyed the idea of the “Old Stone Age”.  The Paleolithic Age is closer to what we traditionally think of as the “Caveman Age”.

Whether you believe in evolution or not, old earth or young earth, etc, the fact remains that the study of Paleolithic Diet serves as an excellent (optimal and most natural) basis for current day health and exercise.

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